The Refuge Temple Learning Academy



Myersville, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.

In 1998, Bishop Derrick H. Smith had a vision and burden for the people of Myersville St. Elizabeth, the very parish that gave birth to him more than six decades ago. He followed the leading of the Lord and traveled to Jamaica to view the exact location where the Lord directed him.

Bishop Smith was not content with building just a house of worship; he envisioned that the community had other needs to be met, one of which was education. It was noticeable that the literacy and unemployment rate was at a percentile high, and that something had to be done to lift the community out of that condition.  There is an old adage that says “reading is fundamental” and should be for all people; as such Bishop Smith sought the Lord for directions concerning his next step. He knew that in order for people to grow, they must be able to read and study the Word of God. He also knew that upward mobility, whether economically or socially, would only come through education.

By September of 2001, the Refuge Temple Learning Academy was established as an adjunct facility to the church. The curriculum comprised of general education and basic literacy skills to improve the reading, writing and comprehension skills of the community. Since its inception in 2001, education at the Refuge Temple Learning Academy is free. Today, the school has exceeded all expectations. Refuge Temple Learning Academy almost did not open for this semester because of financial constraints, but the teachers were willing to volunteer their services because they saw the benefits of the Learning Academy.

The Refuge Temple Learning Academy and the Refuge Temple Retreat Center were dedicated on July 15th, 2012. We thank you for your support and if you desire to make a contribution to this mission endeavor please send your checks to:  The Refuge Temple:  679 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11236. After Refuge Temple Learning Academy was built Bishop Smith added to the facilities: The Derrick Smith’s Hall which has a seating capacity of 500, and The Refuge Temple Retreat Center which accommodates  civic and government functions such as weddings, receptions, banquets, retreats and training. For more information: (718) 495 3414.